Friday, November 30, 2012

croptober fest 2012

So it took me a while to post these... for croptober fest this year we did one card and one border. These were the samples I came up with for this year. I think I did too many last year and people where overwhelmed.

Start to finish layout (school zone)

first I chose my photos

then I chose my color pattern. I also decided to make a card

I start playing around with my pages to see what I come up with

I have never done a scrapbook page with banners so I want to give it a try
I am a color person so even though I decided to use color photos a 100% black and white page was too pain.
 Creative Memories sells paper ribbon ( the one I used in this layout is sticky so no need to find something to glue it down) I cut up paper frames because that is something I don't always use so I am trying to find a way to use my scraps. So if you have tons of scraps lying around try doing a banner!
Still needed a little more color... so I dug out my scraps and found a scrap that was torn and I decided to add it to my page

added the green ribbon.... just needed the last little bit of color

so I tried to add color to the second page to tie it to my first page but it was too much

this is what I came up with