Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Journaling Layout

As you know I have had a lot of journaling to do on my layouts. Its been hard to find a way to keep journaling and make new layouts. This layout though... turned amazing!

I know the background paper looks Christmasy but it was not intentional. I started with the red and green is just the best color to go with red. And considering this set of pages is right after my Christmas layouts I though it was fitting. Now this year is done scrapbooking and I can go on to the next. First though. I am doing the brothers scrapbook for my boys. See you soon

Christmas PreDesgined Pages

Here are a couple 'cheater' pages. This first one is a page I made at Diane's
Go check out her amazing work.

left page

right page
I figured out how to take square photos which work great for scrapbooking layouts. But wasn't able to figure out how to rotate them yet. This layout I purchased. Looks great! I probably won't do it again. I rather make them myself and spend less $$

Monday, March 3, 2014

This one is for you Paulette!

This post is all thanks to Paulette. She has helped me through some down times and shared my good times. She is a wonderful person. Paulette, I hope you like them. This first layout was actually copied from a friend of mine. You can find her here
She is a wonderfully talented lady. As you know I journal....a lot. So I made this and had no photos, just journaling. She also taught me to make my layout stretch just a little farther by using flip flaps.

flip flap closed

flip flap open

 Christmas layout

 This is another flip flap layout.

flip flap closed

flip flap open

Hope everyone enjoyed this... Especially you Paulette! Thanks for all you do!