Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PreSchool Memories 2 of 3

For those of you that don't like when I do predesigned pages I am almost done with this scrapbook then I will go back to doing my normal pages. Next year though; I do have a brothers scrapbook I am going to be making (8x8) that will be predesigned pages. So those that like my pages regardless of what I use then I will be posting often!
Enjoy a few more pages with my eldest son Maverick

Hope to see you back soon :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

PreSchool Memories

I decided to use a scrapbook that had already been designed for my sons first year of school. I was hoping this would mean it would take me less time to finish it. I also hoped this would be for preschool and kindergarten but I take too many photos and two years in one scrapbook just wasn't going to happen. So here are the first few pages. Enjoy
Predesigned scrapbooks tend to be simpler design while still looking nice.

I have some journaling on the actual layout. This can be easily read when the drawings are slid out.

 I added pockets to both of the pages on this layout. I wanted to add some artwork to the scrapbook without putting each drawing on the layout. Here I am showing the artwork 'packet' being removed so the journaling can be seeing. Along with some more of Mavericks works of art :)
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