Monday, August 31, 2015

Scrap Crazy

I had a fundraising event and took a month off scrapping to make greeting cards. Hundreds of greeting cards. My friends and I donated 700 greeting cards to FAST. A foundation dedicated to help cure Angleman Syndrome. We are so close curing this! Clinical trials begin 2016! If you are interested in learning more look for us on Facebook under the group Miles for Mason. You can donate at
Today I needed to add more pages to my scrapbook. I figured the magic number was 28 pages per book. That's 28 two page layouts. I came up with this by  dividing the number of pages I had left by the number of scrapbooks I had left. Not looking forward to having to buy more scrapbooks. Not ready for that with the new company. I kind of stepped away from creative memories and their bankruptcy stuff. Just wasn't dependable. I purchas supplies through heritage makers. It's expensive though. I mostly buy tape runners. The paper is all cardstock, while that is nice it is way too much money. Plus it makes my albums way too thick. Most of my papers now come from close to my heart. I love the ideas they provide with every one of their kits. It also helps to have a great consultant!
So I added pages to finish the album I was working on and a whole new one. There was soooo much trash! It's done now though. I have tomorrow off and I am ready to scrap. See you tomorrow with a great layout!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

I Just Love You

I love these two layouts. The colors are not normally what I use but they look good. I tend to be use more brightly colored papers so these are a nice change. 
This photo is on a flip flap. There is a hidden story underneath!

This is my end page. I had no good photos so I just tried to make a nice looking page.