Monday, October 6, 2014

Brotherly Love Part 3

I have been busy. Here is some of my work.
This one is really simple. Yet it took me forever to do the border. The background paper is a simple brown with writings on it. The border is three different shapes from the Creative Memories border maker. It took forever to decide on the color and shapes. Then just layer them. Simple yet time consuming because I couldn't decide what I wanted.

This is also a very simple layout. The background papers and the same. Then I took a sheet of paper and just rippppped it. I just love how ripped paper looks and it is soooo satisfying to ripppppp!

This is a pre-designed set of pages and I just added a frame to one of the photos and a few 'ball' stckers.

Same thing here. A nice set of pre-designed pages with a few stickers. Looks very good right!

Pre-desgined pages with stickers... simple and fun.

yep. pre-designed page with a few stickers. getting it done!

I love my boys. Really enjoying making them a little scrapbook. I figure they will eventually want to do a share day at school. This will be a perfect thing to take!