Sunday, September 6, 2015

Do You Cut Your Pictures?

I don't normally cut my photos. I crop them but only into square or rectangular shapes. I have cut them into circles or other shapes but they are few and far between. This one layout I cut the first one because I had a duplicate and was wondering if it would work. It did kind of look nice so I cut the other one. Not a good idea. I ended up cutting his smile and the layout isn't as good. Of course I am still keeping it. My scrapbooks are kind of like gifts to my boys. When they are older they will have many scrapbooks of their family. Not just photos in a computer. Memories preserved. Handwritten notes of their lives. I enjoy making them. It is stress reliever and peaceful, most of the time. ;)
At my scrapbooking club we often make layouts that are a little more girly. This one is more neutral colored. It has lovely flowers. Great choice for photos of my mom and myself with the boys.

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