Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Embossed cards

Even though embossing is time consuming I wanted to keep doing it.
The balloon shaped card I made for a graduate. Inside it said reach did the starts. Well since I had to cricut some pieces anyways I made extra for miles for Mason fundraiser.
These are the last two embossed cards. I had enough. :)
Then I had a card kit. It was quick and easy to make some Valentine cards.
These are just random cards. I was going for quantity over quality. Some are cute alms are kind of plain. 
Real simple cards but the word bubbles are chipboard.
I of course started having fun with the speech bubbles. So I made some little ones. It was great because lots of my coworkers bough the little cards and we're leaving them for each other.
Really made my day to see them pass those out.
Check back soon for more fun cards as I am not get ready to get back to scrapping. Just need a break. The holidays were tough at my house. My five year old had to be hospitalized and presents stolen along with my husbands wallet. Our furnace stopped working on a weekend we had -30 windchill weather. So I had some tough times and having to recoup from that. Maybe at the end of next month we will get caugh up with our back bills. It is looking up though.
 Have a great day!

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