Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How many photos?

How many pictures do I put on my page? I normally do 3 to 4 pictures per page. I have done a lot of little photos and I have done the one photo a page thing. In the end it is  a battle of space vs size vs quantity
and with me vs waste. I don't like putting one photo on a page because I feel like I am wasting space. I have done it when my photo doesn't match anything else. For example, something unique, a person or event. Say you went to a concert and you only got ONE GOOD picture. would you use bad photos on your layout or make an awesome page out of your single photo. Well scrapbook it of course. Sometimes you have too many photos but you don't want to or can't (oh its the last page in my album and I can't add more) add more pages. The question is how many photos do you want on a page? To me it depends on the size. For example:
Printing 4x6 photos is the cheapest you will be able to get anywhere. They are the most common so try to stick with those unless you are rich and don't care about $$ (and if you are rich I will be happy to help you spend some of that $$ you don't seem to care about) I cut up 9 4x6 photos into 3 3/4 squares and made a grid with them. Still trying to figure out what I will be doing with this. Thinking of putting them on a brown paper and throwing some stars or other embellishments in there.
If you want to cut your photo smaller; feel free. Once I cut a picture into a 1x1 square. This was from when photos were 3x5 (now I feel old) and I was still using a film camera without zoom. I cut out all the 'garbage' and kept what I really wanted. DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT. If your layout is screaming for itty bitty photos then go for it. I am headed to bed and tomorrow I NEED to figure out what I am doing with this. The other side of this layout is done I just ran out of brown so I have to buy some then I will post the finished layout

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