Tuesday, February 7, 2012

project 366 page 9

So I was a little behind but I am working on getting caught up. I didn't take my photo yesterday so I have to make it up plus take my photo today and I have my layout done for my next two pages. There are 9 photos on the next two pages so it will be a little while before I post it. How are you doing with your photo a day project?
What do you do if you miss a day? No problem for me. I just take a photo where a date doesn't matter. For example those two photos above it doesn't matter what day I take them because they don't change often. If I miss a day then the following day I make it up by taking a photo of something in my daily life that is more constant:
favorite outfit, toy, jewlery
your home, car or work
shoes. purse, coat
something handmade
your wall paper
Take a photo of something that represents your life today. Don't worry about how small or silly it is. Remember that 10 years from now you or a loved one will be looking at it and be glad you took that photo.

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