Saturday, March 28, 2015

Post it note gift.

Need a quick gift for someone special? The first time I made these for my son's teacher for teacher appreciation week. They are cute and simple. You need one 4x6 piece of decorated paper or just use a photo! You need a 4x12 strip of paper and some adhesive. I made the two on the side and a friend made the one in the middle and she added a photo! How gorgeous is that?
First take you 4x12 and fold it in half. Then take one of those halves and for it in half again. Here is how it looks with the post it note on the bottom. Glue that post it note.
Take your4x6 printed paper or photo and glue it on the bottom of the flat only.
The top will be lose so that you can see the decoration as shown on the first picture. Then you can close it and mail it flat.

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