Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Decade old Layouts

I couldn't give you an actual date of when these layouts where made. They were probably made in 2002.
 It's one of those remember when scenarios. So you remember when scrapbooking was done on white pages and we added color or pattern paper for a 'burst' of color. We chose our pictures added some color; a little journaling (or in my case the journaling was the background :) )
 Creative Memories used to have paper packs called photo mounting paper. It had all sorts of what they called geometric shapes. We used it to make borders like the blue and yellow one on this page. Again; look at how much I used to journal.
I love this layout. I used to be such an amazing journalist. I am still good about writing but not like I did before. There is not an inch of unused space! The little bits of color make it look classy. This is probably my favorite layout from my first scrapbook.

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