Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3 Steps to Going Digital

I think the best way to learn to scrapbook is to follow these 3 steps. Start out slow so you don't get overwhelmed and build from there at whatever pace you are able to.
This is with Creative Memories Story Book Creator. There are many other companies that have their own program.
Step 1: Predesgined pages. All you need to do is add in your pictures and journaling. The pages I am posting of my digital album are all predesigned pages. They are fast a beautiful. You can buy them here.  I do make changes to the pages. My photos don't always work with their predesigned pages so I make changes.
Step 2: Click and Fill. These are predesigned pages but without the actual paper. So you are getting templates and then you add your own papers and embellishments.
Step 3: Start from Scratch. You start with a white screen and add paper and embellishments to get the page you want.
I have done all these steps and have printed 30 digital pages. I am working on many more. Good luck on your own journey

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