Monday, January 30, 2012

Start to Finish Layout

Its time again for me to show you how to do a layout from start to finish.
First choose your size:
I am doing a 12 x12 page and I normally do 3 - 4 pictures per page
choose your photos.
then choose your paper/ or color theme

I chose the Rugged Palette from Creative Memories
I like to get it all in front of me and be able to choose. I had some photos that I really wanted to scrap but didn't fit my layouts. So I am making a page and thinking of titling it Random Moments.

What is a Power palette?
it is a BIG set that has everything you need to make many many layouts! Everything Matches and it really has a little of everything. It costs $60.50 (quite the commitment so be sure you love it before you buy the whole thing) It has 32 12x12 sheets 96 frames/ journaling spots. 3 sheets of title stickers ( they are about 5 x12 each) and 2 of alphabets (also 5 x12) and yes the colors and paterns match the stickers to the papers. 4 rolls of ribbons and 24paper tags and 24 frames. Pictured are the tags. It is amazing; you can make a whole scrapbook with one palette and you will be sure that the whole thing matches AND its all different!!!!!!!
Come back tomorrow night and I will have MORE FUN
Here is what I have planned for the next couple days:
2 greeting cards
and AT Least TWO layouts
A BIG Surprise

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